2018 at a glance.

Quality Nishikigoi is growing at a very fast rate. We are expecting 2018 to be our best year so far. Already we have smashed this time last year.

Just a bit of an update on none fish stuff really.

Each year we try and complete 2 major Pond jobs per year, these are start to finish jobs where we do everything. The first one is already booked in and due to start very shortly. We have an opening for later in the year. We have to be careful where we put our time because of the times our new Koi arrive. So the Summer is pretty much taken up on the Koi front. We do the next Koi buying trip at the end of March and then the Koi will probably go on sale toward the end of April, then we get busy.

However, last year we probably did around 20 pond upgrades, changing filtration, re-newing pipework, changing pumps and UV’s etc etc.

This is still possible, its just the start to finish jobs we have to put in a lot of time. Most filter changes/upgrades can be done in a matter of 2 days. So if you need any work doing, just let us know and we will happy to help. As I type this I am looking at 6 upgrade jobs to go and look at.

Many people who are starting to build systems are doing much of the work themselves and we can go in at stages and add drains and pipework etc. This is an ideal way and a massive saving cost wise for the customer. Any further information and requirements then please get in touch with us. Simply email info@qualitynishikigoi.com

Touching on the Koi slightly…

We are really struggling at the moment to get Koi up on the website. We actually hold Koi back just so we can put on the website. We had around 80 pieces to go on after the Autumn Harvest, some really nice Koi but the nature of our business these days…when they are ready to be viewed they sell out pretty fast leaving us with very little. Thats why we source most Koi while in Japan.

Spring is fine because this is when we bring in Koi for the shop, so we will always carry a good stock of Koi. We have already bought Koi which are better than we have ever had for the shop. Some amazing Tosai. We will go back in Spring and get larger Koi too. Its just the Autumn time we really struggle with getting Koi for the shop. This is why its important to let us know what you are looking for when we go to Japan.

We will try very hard to make sure there are Koi on the website from the Spring Koi buying trip to Japan.

I will be doing some testimonials very soon from many clients who now only use this method to buy their Koi. Not a single complaint of the Koi they bought.

With the new season fast approaching things are really getting busy here. I am hoping this is a trend in the entire industry. We are getting more interest than ever before.

The International market is also growing faster than ever. We are importing Koi on a regular basis now to all corners of the world including America, South Africa, UAE, France, Trinidad, Sweden, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and much of Europe. As I type we are arranging over 50 boxes to go to America!!

Koitrips is growing at an alarming rate too. We are taking bookings for trips not taking place for 3 years!

It is certainly going to be a very busy 2018!! Nomatter how busy we are though, a tea or coffee will always be available at the shop!


Tim & Paul.



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