A Sad Story

I have known this Koi since she was 2 years old and have always loved the Koi. One of my favourite ever Shintaro Koi. The quality of this is amazing.
It’s a lesson to people who do keep Koi in Japan and what can happen.
I was really looking forward to seeing her when we harvested the main mudpond on the last trip. I remember lifting her into the containers on the day but was more worried about dropping her than checking her. From the top she looked amazing.
It was not until we returned to Shintaro Koi Farm when we saw her mouth, we were all shocked and Saito San was devastated.
We have no idea what happened but she has damaged her face in the mudpond and it has tried to heal but it has healed leaving irreparable damage. This Koi would have been in the region of £15,000
Total value wiped off in 2 seconds in the mudpond.
Saito San knew how much I liked this Koi and he said the Koi was not ideal as a parent for him, he gave it to us so we can show clients what proper skin quality looks like. There are none better than this Sanke.
Such a shame.


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