A Summer update from Quality Nishikigoi


In April we imported the Spring shipment from our buying trip to Japan, we imported just over 1100 Koi for our facility in Warrington.

We have exported Koi to America, France, Spain, South Africa already and have Koi ready to be shipped to Trinidad of all places! They will be leaving us very soon.

We have already sold over 70% of our stocks and are now trying, with the help of our good friend Masuru Saito to get us a shipment to keep our stocks up. We never bring in Koi this late, so it has shown what a busy year we are having with the Koi.

We will be bringing in the next shipment late next week or early the week after. These will mainly be larger Nisai and some Tosai. We will also be getting more of the beautiful Marudo Chagoi we have just sold out of.


You will not see much visual change on the website but we have re-done the payment system and are trying to get everything up to date, something we have been meaning to do for a long time, it is not almost finished. New features etc will be coming online over the next few weeks. We will also be re-launching the newsletter so you can keep up to date with us and get some exclusive offers for News Letter readers only.


Sales of Koi, as already said have been incredible. We are also selling more dry goods than we have before. On the last count we have sold over 20 Nexus 320’s already this year with more ready for collection, we have never sold that many Nexus this quickly, it is a GREAT sign that people are starting to get ponds built, there is a buzz about at the moment which is seeing a lot of new faces coming into the shop and upgrading or building ponds. It is great for the industry.

With the Nexus Sales we have also been selling a lot of the Automatic Systems from Evolution Aqua, these are proving a great product, we have one running at the shop so you can come down and see it in action. Evolution Aqua have also just launched the new Automatic Eazy Pod, which we not have in stock.

We have been trailing the new range of JBL Koi food and we are finding it excellent, the Koi love it! The Silkworm pellet has been selling in stupid amounts, around 100 kilo’s already sold!!

We have clients using the growth pellet along with us and we are getting some great feedback. More of that in a later update.


Koitrips.com is going crazy. We only have a few places available for the Autumn Harvests this October 2017 and more people getting in touch all the time. The Koi in Japan have now all gone in the mudponds for their growing season so we will get planning for the flights and hotels. Keep an eye on the Koitrips.com website for the latest information about upcoming trips.

The Koi from the Azukari Dream are now in the mudponds and hopefully growing well! We will be getting further updates from Japan through the summer season so stay tuned to our Facebook page for up to date information.

Social Media

We have a very successful Facebook page which has over 13.5k likes! It is turning into a very busy part of our business, we try not to make it just a advertising page like a lot of the pages out there who just want to ram sales down your throats, we try and put informative video and pictures up of Koi, ponds and lots of other things. We use it more to update our clients on what we are doing at the moment.

We have a Twitter page too which is growing really well, its great for quick information and we try and keep them as up to date as time allows.




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