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Autumn Harvests 2017.

  Another Japan trip is fast approaching… Quality Nishikigoi will leave for Japan on the 10th of October for a 3 week trip. We have a fully booked party of customers who will be joining is over the 3 week period. Dealers and Hobbyists. The Autumn Harvests are mostly know for buying Nisai and larger […]

Shipping Koi to Trinidad!

We export Koi to many places across the world and we have recently shipped Koi to Trinidad and Tobago! It was a pretty large shipment involving shipping over 100 Koi to Trinidad. We are pleased to say they made the 4300 Miles. The Koi were shipped from Gatwick airport and apart from a 10pm start […]

Our main 4000 gallon Pond

At Quality Nishikigoi our main Show pond is 4000 gallons and we run it on a Nexus 320 via the 4″ Bottom drain and a 24″ Micro K1 Bead filter. The Nexus 320 is alos running the Automatic cleaning system from Evolutiion Aqua. As you can see in the Video’s below, the clairty is superb, […]

Niigata Shipment arriving…

The Koi from our most recent buying trip to Japan is arriving on Wednesday the 19th of April. These Koi are coming from the breeders of Niigata and Isawa Nishikigoi Centre in Isawa, AKA Matsunosuke. As always at this time of year we have many boxes, a lot belonging to clients and many Tosai but […]