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Mrs B – Cheshire.

This is a 17,000 Gallon we look after in Cheshire. I think this is one of the nicest ponds around. The way it suits the house and the setting is key. It is a stunning pond. The Pond is exclusive Nexus filtration and the water is amazing. There are 3 Nexus 300 series filters on […]

Spring Shipment due…

The last shipment from the Spring Shipments is due in this week. The last Shipment which were mainly smaller Tosai have all been through Quarantine and available at the shop for sale. This shipment is more Tosai but larger. When we go out in February we buy all our smaller Tosai which are in our […]

Tosai are ready!

Well the weather has finally started to warm up, perfect timing for the release of the Tosai we bought on our February buying trip to Japan. They have had a great Quarantine and we are starting to move them all over to the retail side of the shop. We started moving yesterday and we will […]

Dainichi Jumbo Tosai

  Its been a very long time since I last bought Koi from Dainichi Koi Farm. Today, that changed. As I have posted the last few blogs I have been looking for some really special Jumbo Tosai. Dainichi are one of the worlds very best Koi breeders, probably the most famous name out there in […]