Shintaro Sansai Harvest

Shintaro Koi Farm always has the Sansai harvest before the Number one pond the day after. Today the Sansai harvest was excellent, the Koi were amazing. When we visit Japan 3 times per year we get to know certain Koi and see them from Tosai all the way up to 10 year old Koi. The […]

Day 4 in Japan

Today is the last day before the customers join us, they are now on their way from Manchester. Some big harvests planned for this coming week. Today Shintaro was harvesting some Nisai Showa so I wanted to see as Showa are quite popular this trip and a few clients have expressed seeing them. Even though […]

Day 3 – Japan trip 2017

Today we started by harvesting some Nisai at Shintaro Koi Farms mudponds. Some amazing Koi cake out, some of them the best bodies have seen on Nisai, some over 60cm! They harvested 2 Nisai ponds totalling only 35 pieces. We got them back to the Koi Farm and went through, some stunning Koi. A few […]

Day 2 in the mountains 13/10/2017

The weather started off pretty bad today but soon cleared up. Rain can be a pretty big issue around here during the harvests. Mud tracks and Trucks carrying 2 plus tons of sloshing water around do not always mix! The second Shintaro Nisai Harvest has been put back till tomorrow morning. Looking forward to that. […]

Day one in the mountains.

Today was the first full day up in the mountains. I knew Yagenji were bringing some Shiro utsuri in this morning so went and had a peak at them but caught them still off loading so will call back tomorrow and have a better look. Shintaro were harvesting some Nisai, so I met them back […]