Pond Filter upgrade in Manchester

This upgrade was done more for cleaning up years of ‘Bodged’ pipework while adding other things onto the system. Different types of pipes, different sizes of pipe…pipe all over the place! This pond is 6000 gallons and was running on a Nexus 300 for over 10 years, there was also over 40 fish in the […]

2018 at a glance.

Quality Nishikigoi is growing at a very fast rate. We are expecting 2018 to be our best year so far. Already we have smashed this time last year. Just a bit of an update on none fish stuff really. Each year we try and complete 2 major Pond jobs per year, these are start to […]

Japan buying trip – Tuesday

Yesterday the snow was really bad at the top of the mountains, It was almost impossible to get round Mushigame village and the lower mountains were clear. Today it was a stark opposite. The top of the mountains were fine, but the lower mountains were terrible!! However, as usual we managed to find the Koi. […]

Japan buying trip – Monday

I have been visiting Japan and Yamakoshi during February many times over the years and I cannot remember the snow being as bad as it is at the moment. Seriously! The roads were covered! I think as fast as the snow plows moved in, it just landed again. Not good for driving conditions at all. […]