Client Ponds

Russ C – Wigan

This is a pond we have supplied all the equipment for in Wigan. The owner of the system has done alot of the work himself and he has done an amazing job! It is a very professional pond build. The pond is 4000 gallons and it is run on:- Nexus 320 from aerated bottom drain, […]

Lee K – Stockport

This is a beautiful pond in Stockport we look after. This is actually one pond, it looks like 2 with the bridge but there is access under for the water. The pond is stunning, it has a seating area in the middle with BBQ, a true focal point for nice evenings. The thing with this […]

South Africa

This is a clients pond in South Africa. We sent the equipment over for the pond around 18months ago and the pond has been running around 14months. The pond is 8000 gallons running on 2 custom bottom drains. The filtration consists of 2 x Evolution Aqua 24″ Micro K1 bead filters. Returning via 2 x […]

Marcus C – Warrington

This pond has now been fully completed. It looks excellent. We built the system start to finish, icluding fitting the filtration and Fibreglassing. We started this pond late last year and it started running early in 2016. The pond is 4000 Gallons and run on 1 bottom drain feeding a Nexus 320. The pond also […]

Dave L – Warrington

This is a beautiful, contemporary pond. Simple but very effective. Dave only collects high quality Koi and they grow very well in this system. In 4000 gallons there are only 8 pieces in there. The smallest Koi in there are Nisai, and the largest is over 70cms. An excellent collection of Koi. The pond is […]