These pages are updating with any Japan news and updates when we are away on buying trips in Japan.

February Koi Buying trip day 2

Sorry for no day one, struggling with the dreaded flu the last couple of days, and we have been so busy with the people here with us. Orders will be getting filled the next few days so people waiting on Video please be patient. They are coming. Some amazing Sanke bought today at Shintaro…Just unreal […]

50th All Japan Koi Show

Less than 2 weeks before we head back out to Japan for the 50th All Japan Koi Show. It’s always amazing how fast they come back around. I first went to the All Japan Koi Show in 2002 where a Matsunosuke 101cm Sanke took the Grand Champion award. Since then we have seen some amazing […]

Buying trip to Japan – Day 9.

Another day, another harvest. This time a small Nisai pond which were mainly Showa. I was just expecting a normal every day Nisai pond. The pond being in Yamakoshi and not where Shintaro normally has his best Koi in Kawaguchi… So I was expecting some nice Koi bot not the quality we saw today… Unreal. […]