Niigata Shipment arriving…

The Koi from our most recent buying trip to Japan is arriving on Wednesday the 19th of April. These Koi are coming from the breeders of Niigata and Isawa Nishikigoi Centre in Isawa, AKA Matsunosuke. As always at this time of year we have many boxes, a lot belonging to clients and many Tosai but […]

Visit from

  We had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Gardner from over to the shop this past Saturday. Mark is a very well known Koi Photographer over in Japan who spends most of the year over in Japan at various Koi Shows and Harvests. His pictures are some of the best around, some amazing shots. […]

Azukari Dream – 2017

Quality Nishikigoi and Koitrips.comĀ  presents…     The AzukariĀ  Dream. Quality Nishikigoi and will this year will have their very own mudpond in Japan. The last few years we have had some excellent success in buying Tosai in March/April and leaving them in Japan to grow. We really have had some great Koi come […]