Shipment update 13/12

The new Koi have been with us just less than a week and travelled absolutely fantastic. We never get losses and this shipment is no different, all arrived perfect. They have settled in really well, coming in when the temperatures are low really helped out. No stress at all. They looked like they could go […]

Shipment update 8/12

The Koi arrived yesterday with us at Heathrow Airport. All arrived in great condition. We got back to the shop and finished for about 1am which is pretty good for us. Before we do any pictures and video of the new Koi settling in which will be tomorrow. We just want to say a HUGE […]

Shipment update

  We have an update on the shipping date of the Koi arriving with us at Quality Nishikigoi. We had to delay slightly, one because we were still selling Koi from Japan and the other reason is we had a power cut for a day last week. We didn’t want to bring in all the […]

New Koi shipment date

We are finally finalising the shipping date. The delay is that we have still been selling Koi but have now drawn a line under it. So we will get everything sorted. We are looking to get the fish in the week commencing the 27th of November. The Koi will go straight into QT here at […] Testimonials

Hi guys, After another amazing buying trip to Japan, some of the clients who came with us have now put in their thoughts of the trips. Some clients had been with Koitrips before and some for the first time. The great thing about the new clients who came with us this trip is that they […]

Taking care in Winter.

Winter tips and do’s and dont’s.   Winter is sometimes a confusing time for Koi keepers, it is full of different opinions and what to do and what not to do. It seems everywhere you go there is somebody saying something else…its hard. I will attempt to give the best advice based on the clients […]