Day 2 Spring Japan trip 2017

Another amazing day!

We first went to an appointment at Marudo, as we wanted some Chagoi and Yamabuki and his are at the moment the best around, lovely quality.

We ended up with 4 superb Chagoi, all female and already 50-55cm. These will grow huge! We also got 4 beautiful Yamabuki, again around 50-55cm and female. Superb quality.

We then had to try and fill some orders for a dealer in America so we went to Yamazaki who always has excellent tosai and any variety. Some lovely little tosai, so the order was placed and we headed up to Hirasawa/Marusei. This place is always full of Koi and some wonderful Koi, we will be picking over the next few days here.

We then headed up to Kawakami where I got 4 stunning Matsakawabke, you either love or hate them but they are great quality, we also found a beautiful Goshiki there too. Check out the Video, and make sure you click the HD.

We also today found one of the most stunning Showa you will ever see, the quality of this Koi is mind blowing!

What a Koi!

We also managed to get some Tosai purachina from Choguro, these will be available in the Tosai ponds back at Quality Nishikigoi, they are top quality Purachina from the best in the business.

Then we went to Kaneko, I have orders for Shiro Utsuri and I was not over confident we could get the quality that we needed, however there were 2 VERY special Shiro Utsuri’s there. So happy with these. Check out the quality.

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