Japan trip – Spring 2017, Day 1.

We arrived in Japan on the morning of the 27th.

We headed straight for Isawa Nishikigoi Centre which is East of Tokyo, around 1 hour 30 minutes on train. We had to select some Koi for a dealer who is with us and some orders for a Dealer in America. So this was all sorted. The thing with Isawa Nishikigoi Centre is that its that big, walking around and asking prices is impossible. They know what we are looking for and the price we want to pay, the rest is easy. They net ponds which have the Koi we are looking for in.

We stayed over in Isawa on the evening and just needed to pop back this morning and select a few more. Then as we were leaving Toshio Sakai pulled up 2 amazing Sankes! They were incredible. I think it took less than 30 seconds for them both to be sold, one was a 3yr old Sanke with amazing skin, around 65cms. The second was a 4yr old Sanke which was just out of this world, around 70cms. These will be coming back to the UK.

We then left Isawa, at around 10.30am and headed to Tokyo so we could catch the bullet train up to Nagaoka.

We arrived in Nagaoka at around 2.30pm and picked the car up straight away, and headed up to the Mountains.

With the Azukari Dream being done, more information can be found here Azukari Dream we wanted to have a look in person at the Koi we will be selecting and they are superb! We could not be happier with the Koi we will be growing on in our very own mudpond this year. They are already 35cm and some bigger! We will be selecting these Thursday or Friday with some other Koi from Shintaro.

I just needed to call in at Marudo to check the Yamabuki Stocks and we will be selecting some wonderful Sansai Yamabuki in the morning, so stay tuned for those, very, very nice!

Please remember to check the Facebook page as we are posting all the time to it, live in Japan.

Anything else, do not hesitate to email us info@qualitynishikigoi.com for any requests or general questions.



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