Nexus 320 and 220 update

As we are close to finishing our new Quarantine systems where we will be running exclusively Nexus filtration, we wanted to give you an update on the performances of the existing Nexus 320’s and 220’s we have running at our facility.

We have 6 Nexus 320’s and 2 Nexus 220’s running at the shop.

The new Nexus models (320 & 220) follow on from the Nexus 310 and 210. The main differences are in the new models in a deeper inner chamber, removable Eazy centre unit and the Eazy now has the new Micro K1.

The Micro K1 is a huge improvement on the older models, the extra dirt they stop is incredible. Even in a matter of days when you first start using them, they really catch everything.

The clarity in all our systems has dramatically improved since we updated our Nexus.

When we set up our new 4000 gallon main pond just over 12months ago, we had little time to get the filter up and running before our Koi from Japan arrived from our Autumn buying trip.

We had 2 weeks before around 200 Koi were arriving to go into this pond. We stocked the pond with about 20 Koi, we usued some already mature K1 from one of our other systems and we fed lightly. We had slight Nitrite readings and slight Ammonia but nothing too high.

On the day the New Koi arrived we emptied the system completely , the temperature was up to 18C and salt content up to .5%

The new Koi arrived and over the next few weeks we had hardly any readings, and this was with about 200 Koi in the system while we quarantined. They were getting fed too and the salt was slowly coming out via filter cleans. We also had a 24″ Micro K1 bead filter running on the skimmer, the water was crystal. We aso have only 100L of K1 in the bio chamber.

The Koi came through quarantine with no issues at all and the pond was perfect, the Nexus ran exactly how we expected it to run.

We have never ever had any water issues while we started up new systems, done correctly you should not either.

Our Tosai system is a 4 pond single system, 1600 gallons but stocked heavily in the Spring. Each of the 4 ponds we will stock around 100 Koi per pond, so 400 Koi for the system. We feed well because they are Tosai and we run this system on a Nexus 220. Nothing else is on this system, the water is perfect.

On the 4 new Quarantine systems, each holding 2000gallons we have opted for Nexus 320’s on each system.

The first 2 at the time of writing are running and both have Koi in the ponds.

The first of the 2 ponds has a 5,5KW Air source Heat Pump and only has 18 Koi in there, but we are feeding high as we have a little growing experiment going on. We are feeding at least 4 times per day and the temperature is at 20C.

We have been testing the water regularly and there have been readings on this system but that is because we have been heavy with food and we expected readings, however the Nitrite went up to 1.0 and the Ammonia went to 2.0 but came back down within 5 days. We did water changes but only on filter cleans and now the Nexus is handling the food with no issue, and there is only 50L of K1 in the system.

On the second system we were even more impressed. We added a some of the Koi from last year which we had sold and after a couple of days of being in the system they did not look too good, so we tested the water and it was fine. To our shock we found Costia on a scrape so we treated a new system with Alparex which will always knock a new filter back. We treated over 2 days and the Koi perked back up to normal , the water readings did not change, really good considering how new the system was.

So we could not be happier with the Nexus filters we have running here. They are easy to use, easy to clean and they work brilliantly.

We only recommend Nexus filtration for the reason we use them 100% on our own Koi and we are bringing in large amounts of Koi which are worth lots of money, so we put ALL our trust into the Nexus filtration, and the Nexus has never let us down.

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