Niigata Shipment arriving…

The Koi from our most recent buying trip to Japan is arriving on Wednesday the 19th of April.

These Koi are coming from the breeders of Niigata and Isawa Nishikigoi Centre in Isawa, AKA Matsunosuke.

As always at this time of year we have many boxes, a lot belonging to clients and many Tosai but we also have some excellent Nisai coming in from Shintaro and Matsunosuke.

We have all varieties of Tosai arriving, pretty much everything at sizes ranging from 12cm to 40cm. Prices of our Tosai, as always will start at £12.50 each. We have not increased our Tosai prices in 3 years, but each year we source better and better quality.

When the new Koi arrive they will go into our separate state of the art quarantine system. They will be treated, and heated for a minimum of 3/4 weeks. Period in quarantine depend on the actual Koi. We can eradicate parasites very easily, in a matter of days. We can take tests for virus from each breeder the next day, easy. We can heat ramp using the Air Source Heat pumps the next day and keep the temp up for as long as we need.

However the hardest thing in all the quarantine procedure is getting the Koi to full health. Tosai are the most difficult sizes to do this, they need ALOT of TLC.

We buy our Tosai from trusted breeders we have been dealing with for many years/decades and we know their Koi and we are confident of the Koi. We hope to get the up to 100% health as soon as possible but the time in quarantine is to get the Koi strong again, get them feeding regular and making sure they are in the best possible enviorment, which is why all our Quarantine ponds use Nexus 320 exclusively, we put ALL our trust into these filters, we would not use them unless we knew they are the very best filters available, we have 100% confidence in the Nexus 320’s.

Please keep a very close eye on our Facebook page and on this website for updates of the Koi in quarantine, this way you will know exactly when the Koi are available.

We have now just released our previous shipment from Matsunosuke and are now available to buy. We have a superb selection, starting at £25.00

These are now ready to buy.



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