Pond Filter upgrade in Manchester

This upgrade was done more for cleaning up years of ‘Bodged’ pipework while adding other things onto the system. Different types of pipes, different sizes of pipe…pipe all over the place!

This pond is 6000 gallons and was running on a Nexus 300 for over 10 years, there was also over 40 fish in the pond which have all grown really well.

There is a leak in the pond which we will be addressing next week but for now we upgraded and cleaned all the filter area.

We swapped the Nexus 300 for a smaller Nexus 220… We did this because we are adding a 24″ K1 Micro bead to the system.

This pond has 1 4″ bottom drain at one side of the pond, and then for some strange reason there is a 2″ drain on the other. So the 2″ drain line we will put directly into the bead, a perfect fit.

So we took out the old and put in the new. We also used one of the brand new EVO110 UV’s from Evolution Aqua.

All clean and tidy, and great for this pond.


We will do a full post including the pond when it is all finished.

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