Koi For Sale

Thank you for looking at our Koi for Sale pages. Quality Nishikigoi offer fantastic Koi for sale in all over UK, UAE & Worldwide at fantastic value.
We only buy from the very best Koi breeders in Japan and we visit Japan on buying trips at least twice a year. The pages are split between Tosai which are 1 year old Koi, we try and source the nicest Tosai with the best potential and Koi that will always grow well and look great in your pond.
We then have the larger Koi section which start with Koi at 2 years old (Nisai) and then range from all larger sizes and all ages. These are individual examples of some of the best Koi available at great prices. The Koi for Sale in this section can range in price.

We then have the Koi which are in Japan, these are Koi that we did not bring back to the UK for sale but are still in Japan. As this section grows there are a chance that some Koi may not be available so please contact us before you buy.

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