Superfish Professional Auto Feeder

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Excellent Auto Feeder from Superfish. We recommend this product.

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Feeding your fish with this automatic feeder has many advantages. You get the most out of your fish by always precisely providing the correct amount of feed. This ensures optimal growth and a prettier colour pattern, for example in Koi.

As the food is dosed in smaller amounts at a time, this has a beneficial effect on the health of the fish, and on your pond. Unnecessary pollution of the water and additional strain on the filter can be prevented if your fish eat all the food that is provided. With the programmable timer, it is possible to carry-out fully automatic feeding between 1 and 24 times a day.

The quantity of feed can be set by adjusting the number of dosing seconds per hour. The number of dosing seconds per hour can be set between 0 and 120 seconds

Benefits include:

*Less work
*Automatic feeding times
*Suitable for grain sizes between 2 and 9mm
*Mounting bracket included
*Length of power cable – 10m
*Food container for 7 litres of food


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