Shipping Koi to South Africa

Yesterday (5/01/2017) We shipped 4 very special Koi over to South Africa.

Shipping Koi is something we do pretty often having clients all over the world. This was a little bit different as we shipped a beautiful 81cm Kohaku that we sold on our last buying trip to Japan. She is beautiful.

Shipping Koi like that is always a risk and the time it takes to get to the final client can be over 30 hours. So a huge Koi like that is always a little nervy!

Anyway, they all arrived with the client in great condition. Koi do need special conditioning when shipping. We started preparing these Koi at Christmas, ready for shipping.

We received the magic phone call this afternoon that the Koi arrived safely, always great to hear and the nerves can now settle!

Some picture of her when we bought her in October 2016.

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