‘Sods Law’ – Update 1 week.

So on Thursday 16/12/2016, 1 week after we put in the initial stitches, it was time for the first update on the Koi.

We were greeted with excellent news. The Kohaku’s fin had already healed around 1cm, this was amazing. The skin had joined at the top of the tail to start to bond together more. She is on the ‘mend’

There was now no need at all to keep the stitches in, they had done the job, so they were taken out.

The Koi will be moved as soon as the Quarantine period is over to a small, heated pond where she will continue the recovery. We will give you a further update before Christmas.

It is always a risk when you do this kind of surgery on a Koi but we are pleased we did.

A huge thank you again to Majdi for helping out again, great work!

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