‘Sods Law’

There is always a danger when shipping Koi from Japan, or from anywhere.

We pride ourselves in a zero percent loss record which is still zero! However this shipment we did have an issue. A Nisai Kohaku from Torazo came in with a badly damaged tail. I noticed the evening they arrived as I lifted her into the pond. Sods law because its ALWAYS a sold Koi that it happens to and this was not a cheap Koi!

I did not want to net her the following day because you could see how raw the tail was, it was bright pink! So we left her 6 days to settle before we could assess the damage.

Yesterday we carefully netted her and scooped her into a bag, I did not want to risk using a handling net because it could make the damage worse. So the bag already had anaesthetic inside it when we scooped her up. It was confirmed that she did damage her tail in the bag because she did NOT like the bag at all and thrashed around some more, which was very worrying!

After she went under the anaesthetic we could see the full extent of the damage, it was actually better than I had hoped. The split was not all the way down to the bottom but close…

After a chat on the phone with the client who owns her, we decided to stitch the tail together at the top of the tail in hope to bond the tail better which will then make the tail just grow back. Tail growth can happen in a matter of weeks in the right environment. A split fin can generate fully within a month.

So with the help of our friend and customer, Majdi, we got the Koi out and with Majdi’s steady hand he added 2 stitches. Majdi had a Koi he bought with a known issue last year in Japan where the breeder let him have a beautiful Kohaku for a cut price because she had a huge split in her tail which had already healed but healed incorrectly. Majdi re-cut the tail and got her perfect within 6 months.

We are hoping this will be the same success.

The stitches will now stay in for 6 days and then will be removed so we can see how the damage is.

We will keep you updated with how the damage is healing, we are pretty confident of a full recovery but nothing is 100% certain.


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