Spring buying trip March 31st 2017

Today was supposed to be the day we announce the Azukari Dream Koi, however with the amount of People who are taking part in it, we still have a few more pictures to take, which we will finish off tomorrow morning. So please hang on, they are worth the wait!!

This morning we had an appointment with Masaki to select the Tosai to go into the Tosai ponds back at Quality Nishikigoi. We saw them a few days ago but they had been fed so we needed to wait a couple of days to select. We had some also for a dealer in America so we selected 2 lots.

They were excellent and many variety:-

  • Shusui
  • Asagi
  • Shiro Utsuri
  • Hi-Utsuri
  • Kujaku
  • Goshiki
  • Kohaku
  • Gin Rin Kohaku
  • Sanke
  • Benigoi

Ranging in Size from 18cm to 28cm. A great selection, and as we hand select we know we are getting the very best available for our clients.

We then took a trip to Sekiguchi to check on his Showa, its a little drive out, probably 45minutes but always has nice Showa. We selected 12 very beautiful Jumbo Tosai, these will be coming back to the shop very soon. Fantastic quality.

We headed back to Yamakoshi because a client had bought an amazing Tancho Sanke from Igarashi Koi Farm, the spot is perfection and the sumi just stunning. A beautiful Sansai Tancho Sanke, one of the nicest we have seen.

Then the end of the day… we found such an amazing quality Shiro Utsuri. The quality of this is crazy. Bred by the famous Shiro Utsuri Breeder Omosako. A lovely Koi.

So it was a superb and very productive day.


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