Spring Shipment due…

The last shipment from the Spring Shipments is due in this week.

The last Shipment which were mainly smaller Tosai have all been through Quarantine and available at the shop for sale.

This shipment is more Tosai but larger.

When we go out in February we buy all our smaller Tosai which are in our sales ponds, Koi from 3″ to 7″ came to us in March.

This shipment is from the last Koi buying trip which finished in April.

These are larger Tosai and some Jumbo Tosai from some of the best breeders around. We have some beautiful Koi arriving this week. Many varieties too. Some beautiful Goromo and Shiro Utsuri coming in, please come and see them. We have Jumbo Tosai from Shintaro, Torazo and Dainichi.

We also have some superb Nisai arriving for sale at Quality Nishikigoi, plus a few bigger ones…

Of course these Koi will now go into Quarantine for a minimum of 4 weeks, again totally depending on the health of the Koi when they arrive.

This will be our last shipment until the Autumn buying trip to Japan in October.

In the last 6 months we have imported almost 200 boxes of Koi into the UK…Thats a lot of Koi!!

Pleas keep an eye on our Facebook page for further updates on the new shipment and when they will be released.

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