The Japan trip is now finished.

All Japan Koi Show trip/Buying trip has now ended.

This trip is usually a quiet trip just to see the All Japan Koi Show. We usually Do the Koi Show on the Saturday and Sunday and then we head to the mountains before hitting Isawa Nishikigoi Centre on the Wednesday then home.

However with the amount of clients with us and the sheer number of Koi we needed to find the trip was extended and we kept on going.

As I have mentioned many times this trip, the snow was a nightmare for many of the days. I have been here at this time of year many times and this was the worst I had ever seen it. Must give credit to the truck we had though, 4 wheel drive and snow tyres. There was not many places we could not get to.

A few nervous moments but in all it was fine.

I usually use this trip to go around and check out Tosai for the Spring trip which starts mid March. I normally get an idea of variety and come up with a plan on what to buy when I return in the Spring. I kind of changed my thought process this trip. We have bought many Tosai which will now arrive on the next shipment which will be in the UK ASAP.

We have such an amazing range of Tosai coming in, all varieties and Koi from 15cm to 25cm. So great Showa from Isa and great Sanke/Kohaku from Shintaro.

We then have pretty much all other varieties coming in too. Some fabulous stuff.

The Spring trip will still be busy for us. We need our usually Jumbo Tosai and some bigger Nisai too for the Summer period. We really will have a great range this year.

I would like to thank all the clients who visited Japan with us for the All Japan Koi Show trip, it has been an absolute pleasure to meet the new guys and also get to know the known clients a bit better. We have had some great times, and seen some (And bought) many amazing Koi.

So a huge thanks to Chris, Paul, John, Brian, Ryan and Graham. Its been a pleasure.

We already have a couple of Testimonials already in.

I cannot ever remember buying as many Koi as we have this trip. Way over 2500 Koi! Incredible really. Not all will be coming back to the UK though. We have bought Koi for America, Sweden and Spain…Plus sold Koi to leave in Japan for UK, America, Trinidad and Greece.

It’s been a busy trip…

Anyway, a big thanks to everyone who has watched us on Facebook and followed us on other social media platforms. I have seen a massive boosts in visitors to this site and on our website too.

If you need any further information of our trips then please take a look.

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