50th All Japan Koi Show

Less than 2 weeks before we head back out to Japan for the 50th All Japan Koi Show.

It’s always amazing how fast they come back around. I first went to the All Japan Koi Show in 2002 where a Matsunosuke 101cm Sanke took the Grand Champion award.

Since then we have seen some amazing Koi entered.

People who have never been but have to their own countries Koi Shows would have no idea what an event this is.

  • up to 4000 Plus Koi on display
  • Huge cost to enter your Koi
  • 80 professional Judges (Breeders & Dealers from all over the world)
  • The very best Koi on display in the world.


The Show is set up by Shinkokai which is the breeders association. Staff are mainly breeders from all over Japan. They set the show up and pull it down.

The Show is at the Tokyo Ryutsu Centre which is a huge exhibition centre in the heart of Tokyo.

We arrive on the Friday morning and meet up with our clients. We are staying in Shinjuku this year which is probably the busiest place in Tokyo, with lots to see.

We hope to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo very early on the Saturday morning. This is the largest in Japan and some amazing sights.


Then its off to the All Japan Koi Show! Seeing the very best Koi from 15cm all the way up to 110cm plus!

We will spend all day at the show and take in the Koi and the dealers who have stands there.

Saturday evening we will have dinner with some breeders before leaving for the Niigata Mountains on the Sunday.

We hope to arrive in Nagaoka on Sunday afternoon and we will spent the afternoon around various breeders.

We will then send the next week on the Koi hunt for our clients and also the customers who are with us from all over the world.

Its going to be very busy, but a great trip!!

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