Anthony R – Saint Helens

This has been a real labour of love and has been built by Anthony with the help of a few friends, like Brick layer etc.

However Anthony has done most of the work himself. Digging the old pond out, laying the concrete base, pipework for the entire system and plumbing up all the filters.

Its a great pond and the second one Anthony has built.

The pond is 4000 Gallons

Fed via 2 bottom drains. One drain is feeding a Sieve then returns via a Clarity unit.

The second Bottom drain runs into a Nexus 320 and returns through a Air Source Heat pump.

Anthony has some amazing Koi so the pond really needed to be brought up to scratch, and he has certainly done that.

Anthony has had Koi growing on at various farms in Japan, from Nisai and now has some Koi approaching 80cms, which are now starting to come back to the UK. It will one of the finest collections we know.

The Garden is now being completed and we will update when the pond and Garden are finished.


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