Ben M – Cumbria

5000 UK gallons Block built – 3/4 under ground – 6ft deep. All pipework class C / E pressure pipe. Fibre glassed. 3 x 4 air-rated bottom drains. 3 x mid water returns. 3 x certakin skimmers. 2 x profi drum 65 eco pre filters 1 x bespoke water header tank – pressure pumps. 1 x Bespoke waste sieve – mains sewage. 2 x flow friend pumps. 1 x blue eco 320. 1 x Ultrabead 100. 1 x Duratec plus 14 air source heat pump. 1 x electro 8kw heater. 1 x double width Bakki shower – 200 litres bio crystal. 1 x 110 watt TMC pro UV. 1 x airtech 70. 4 x digital flow meters. 1 x bespoke electric panel. Wiring diagram 3 x bottom drains into drum 1 – outlet 1 – flow friend – bakki shower. Outlet 2 – blue eco 320 – ultra bead – split airsource heat pump – deep water return and the other line UV – electro – deepwater return. 3 x skimmers – Drum 2 – outlet 1 – flowfriend – deep water return.

This is a very state of the art pond and will show you what can be done with a large budget.
Ben is very much someone who wants everything perfect. We got involved in the job as we supply the client his Koi and the pond needed fibre glassing, so we did that. Since then we have done a few things pipework wise and installed a shower.
The pond has been built for growth, and it will easily grow Koi of all sizes. At the moment Ben has stuck with Tosai and Nisai which will be going in the pond in the next few days, they will grow at similar rates to Japan, no doubt about it. The turn over in the pond is superb. The Koi will love it.

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