Taking care in Winter.

Winter tips and do’s and dont’s.   Winter is sometimes a confusing time for Koi keepers, it is full of different opinions and what to do and what not to do. It seems everywhere you go there is somebody saying something else…its hard. I will attempt to give the best advice based on the clients […]

Shipping Koi to South Africa

Yesterday (5/01/2017) We shipped 4 very special Koi over to South Africa. Shipping Koi is something we do pretty often having clients all over the world. This was a little bit different as we shipped a beautiful 81cm Kohaku that we sold on our last buying trip to Japan. She is beautiful. Shipping Koi like […]

‘Sods Law’

There is always a danger when shipping Koi from Japan, or from anywhere. We pride ourselves in a zero percent loss record which is still zero! However this shipment we did have an issue. A Nisai Kohaku from Torazo came in with a badly damaged tail. I noticed the evening they arrived as I lifted […]