Japan buying trip – February 2019

Still crazy hectic here.

We have been running 3 trucks on this trip, something not usually done but with the 50th All Japan show we had a lot of interest.

The mountains have been busy with dealers from all over the world but we have pretty much missed seeing each other at the breeders, which in October is impossible to do. So the big party has been easy to handle.

Clients from

  • New York
  • Miami
  • Costa Rica
  • Spain
  • St Thomas
  • UK


As we come back out in March we won’t be buying large amounts for the shop so that’s why we have not been posting fish that are ‘Coming back’

we have filled some orders and still looking for many but some will just get carried over to the next trip as its only a matter of weeks away.

Had a good hour with Maruhiro today and managed to get some stunning Tancho Kohaku

Then a VERY nice Ki Utsuri and amazing Gin Gin Hi Utsuri

The snow is still keeping away but we are told its going to snow this evening so lets see what tomorrow brings.