Lee K – Stockport

This is a beautiful pond in Stockport we look after. This is actually one pond, it looks like 2 with the bridge but there is access under for the water.

The pond is stunning, it has a seating area in the middle with BBQ, a true focal point for nice evenings.

The thing with this pond is that its totally pump fed, there are no bottom drains and the pond is around 12000 Gallons.

It is run from 2 pumps which feed 2 Cetus Sieves, which then feed into Nexus 300/310 and return back to the pond via EVO110UV units.

The Skimmer on the pond feed another Nexus 300 and returns back Via a EVO110UV.

There are 3 x Airtech 150’s which feed the filters and the pond.

There is a 20KW Air Source Heat Pump which keep the pond at a stable 11C in Winter.

Stunning Pond.

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