Malcolm C – Cheshire

Malcolm C – Cheshire

This is a client we have known for many years, Malcolm was one of the first people to come on one of the Japan buying trips with us when we first started

You can see what he had to say about his trips here Testimonials 

Malcolm had a foam/brush and matting filter before, but it never kept the water or clarity like his system now, plus cleaning was a pain.

In 2017 he installed a 24” K1 Micro Bead filter from Evolution Aqua. Nothing else, just this filter for a 3000-gallon pump fed pond.

No pre-filters, nothing. The Micro K1 media is fully biological, not just a ‘add on’

As you can see by Malcolm’s statement, he is VERY happy with the filter.


Before I fitted the bead filter, I was running a homemade filter with foam and Japanese matting, was getting lots of fines in the water and it was a pain to clean having to do it three times a week and wet hands. Now I only clean the bead once or twice if heavy feeding in the summer no more wet hands and it is all flushed to waste. Great bit of kit. The water quality has improved, and the koi are growing due to the improvements. Would recommend them to any koi hobbyist.” – Malcolm C


The pond is

24″ K1 Micro Bead filter

3000 gallons

Pump Fed


Airtech 75 Air pump

12 Koi in total, and many bought by Malcolm in Japan, very good Koi.






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