Nagaoka Koi Show

Earlier this week we sold 2 VERY special large Koi to a client in the UK and to a client who is with us in Japan.

They are both beautiful Koi and both in at 75cms which are big Koi. The quality of them is excellent and we are VERY proud to be able to sell Koi of this quality.

They went to the Nagaoka Koi Show this past weekend and took a first and second prize in the 75cm class. We could not be happier, what a fantastic achievement for us.

The Kohaku is a Marusho bred Koi which is 5 years old now, the pattern is excellent and the shape is perfect.

The Showa, while we bought her from Marusho is a Dainichi Showa bought last year. 75cms again and very top draw!


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