Niigata Seasons


Niigata Seasons ‘Spring’



Niigata, the home and birthplace of Koi, is a land of 4 seasons.

In winter several metres of snow will fall all in the mountainous areas where Koi breeding is most prevalent, and in summer the temperature can reach over 40 degrees.

This however is the story of Spring.

During the course of this program we introduce a number of breeders, their Koi and their work during the spring season including Ikarashi, Kanno, Maruhide, Maruju, Nogami, Sekiguchi, Shintaro and Torazo.

We also take a look at some of the aspects of culture in spring including Koshi no Hi Matsuri,Sakura and Koinobori.

As well as featuring some stunning Koi this program also contains some stunning images of the mountainous area of Niigata which is home to Nishikigoi.